If you entered, it means you read Love Both Keep Both. Thanks for reading and participating. Together let’s change the way governments view and treat dual nationals. In my memoir, I write that the number of dual nationals is growing in the U.S., Japan, and other countries and the more we treat them as assets rather than liabilities the more taxpayers on both sides of the Pacific win. This activity allows you, the reader, to create a Bill of Rights found within the context of a diplomatic bilateral treaty to make a positive political statement and affirmation that dual nationals must be respected, valued, protected, and promoted as assets to both countries. In championing this cause, feel free to comment on my website to add to the short list. I argue in Love Both Keep Both that embracing dual nationals is ultimately the right thing to do and a way to take the U.S.-Japan alliance to the next level of friendship, trust, and economic success. Diplomacy is useless unless it represents the values of its citizenry and responds to the demands of its local constituency. Your voice matters.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Department of State or any official or office in the U.S. government.

U.S. and Japan

Bilateral Treaty on Dual Nationality

The United States Government and the Government of Japan agree to and affirm the following principles in regards to dual citizens of the United States and Japan:

1)      The U.S. and Japanese Foreign Ministries will accept dual nationals to serve in a diplomatic capacity while maintaining both nationalities without prejudice, preclusions, or threats of renunciation.

2)      Dual nationals will be viewed as assets rather than liabilities.

3)      Dual nationals can retain their citizenships and serve in either country without any questions to their loyalty.

4)      Japan will allow dual nationals to keep dual citizenship, preserve Japanese values, and promote greater inclusion and diversity among its citizenry.

5)      Legislation will be introduced through the Japanese Diet to allow dual nationals to keep dual citizenship and protect their right to keep both.

6)      Japanese American voices will be valued more by both U.S. and Japanese government authorities as critical to the future of U.S.-Japan relations and both governments will make a joint statement affirming their commitment to protecting dual national lives.

7)      A U.S.-Japan Committee on Dual Nationality will be formed to examine the best way to legally protect dual nationals of the U.S. and Japan and allow their talents to be fully maximized for the benefit of both countries.

8)      Any Committee on Dual Nationality shall include dual national members on the Committee and provide ample opportunities for soliciting public feedback from dual nationals regarding policies that directly impact them.

To our dual success! Together let’s change the way governments do business and the way societies understand and view dual nationals to create a more tolerant and diverse world. One that reflects changing demographic dynamics.

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