After 10 years of marriage, I decided to write a letter to my wife each Saturday of the week for an entire year. This was the start of 52 letters to my wife. Each letter is composed of 11 sentences to commemorate 11 years of marriage. The letters touch upon themes of family, faith, and children. I simply wanted to express how I felt about my wife and I did not want to wait another 10 years to tell her how much I love her. I learned that a simple letter could strengthen our relationship further. I could express my feelings more intimately. It allowed her access into my heart and feel appreciated. We were able to connect each weekend as a married couple in a special way. As the busy parents of two young, energetic boys (John aged 7 and Max aged 4), we often do not have time for ourselves let alone each other. My Saturday morning letter writing ritual gave me an opportunity to express my gratitude and carve out a space to let the person who has been by my side through ups and downs know how special she is to me. I am truly blessed to have a loving wife and friend and confidant. Sending you 52 letters with love.


旦那様から奥様への大変ロマンチックで素敵なラブレター集です。相手への感謝の気持ちをこうやって手紙にするだけでも夫婦仲って高まるのでしょうね。 マッカーシー咲 (女優のみあた・咲)

My wife and I will celebrate 50 years together this fall, and we are still learning about each other. Honest communication, mutual respect and love have remained at the foundation of our relationship. Ken Reiman’s weekly letters to his wife Eriko contain gifts of the heart, reminders of their adventures, apologies for shortcomings, and appreciation for her love and support. The weekly letters spanned the year of their tenth wedding anniversary – and provided valuable insights and lessons that my wife and I learned from as we approach our 50th. It is a great gift to share with your special loved one, or as a guide for your own effort. (Dan Fulwiler)

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