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Ken Reiman is a  United States diplomat  experienced in guiding  Fortune 100 companies to expand and enter new markets across Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.  He is a global foreign affairs leader with a proven track record in foreign policy formulation, implementation, lobbying, and strategic external engagement.  When significant contracts, collateral and resources are at stake, Ken has the international business acumen to achieve success in high-paced and high-stress operating environments. 

Ken combines his passion for foreign policy and international business to resolve complex political, economic, and operational challenges.  He has worked in Tokyo, Japan as a Business Development Manager to address Japan’s energy security needs.  He brought technological innovation hubs to Africa, among his numerous other noteworthy accomplishments.  Ken’s love of innovation and diversity stems from his Japanese American roots and multicultural background.

When Ken is not guiding organizations and individuals to succeed in foreign operating environments, he is an author who enjoys chronicling/composing, as well as raising two energetic boys. 

Transportation Echoes Life

I was asked to write an article for a local magazine on transportation. The full article is here:

People. Relationships. Heart. You need all three. In fact, according to my six year old son, life is about relationships first and foremost. How lucky we are to have air conditioned and heated..

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A Monk’s Advice

I visited a Buddhist monk in Japan in-between his prayer and teaching sessions. I asked him, “how do you practice your faith?” He said first, do not have expectations. When you expect people to receive you a certain way or respond to you positively or negatively, you set yourself up for..

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Where Do We Go From Here?

“All men are interdependent.  Every nation is an heir of a vast treasury of ideas and labor to which both the living and the dead of all nations have contributed.  Whether we realize it or not, each of us lives eternally “in the red.” We are everlasting debtors to known and unknown..

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Civil Rights

“Whatever career you may choose for yourself – doctor, lawyer, teacher – let me propose an avocation to be pursued along with it.  Become a dedicated fighter for civil rights.  Make it a central part of your life. It will make you a better doctor, a better lawyer, a better teacher…

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Truth Matters!

“Without truth, a country walks in darkness and causes the worst of misfortunes to befall its people.” Page 68 in Cardinal Robert Sarah’s book God or Nothing below. A great read with other excellent words of wisdom.



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Happy New Year

Wishing all a healthy and prosperous 2019!

2018 brought the publication of 3 books. One more on the way in 2019!

Ken Reiman


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Inspirational Message on Courage

A man’s courage can sustain his broken body, but when courage dies, what hope is left? The intelligent man is always open to new ideas. In fact, he looks for them. – Proverbs 18:14-15.


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Embrace Your Duality

“Love all of who you are no matter the cost. If you must bear two crosses for the sake of two countries do so unapologetically. Ultimately, you are an ambassador to both. Two is better than one.”  – Ken Reiman


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Why Goodness Matters in Life

“Life is like a voyage on the sea of history, often dark and stormy, a voyage in which we watch for the stars that indicate the route. The true stars of our life are the people who have lived good lives.” – Pope Benedict XVI


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Climb Your Way to the Top

“The summit is believed to be the object of the climb. But its true object—the joy of living—is not in the peak itself, but in the adversities encountered on the way up. There are valleys, cliffs, streams, precipices, and slides, and as he walks these steep paths, the climber may think he..

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