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Ken Reiman is a  United States diplomat  experienced in guiding  Fortune 100 companies to expand and enter new markets across Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.  He is a global foreign affairs leader with a proven track record in foreign policy formulation, implementation, lobbying, and strategic external engagement.  When significant contracts, collateral and resources are at stake, Ken has the international business acumen to achieve success in high-paced and high-stress operating environments. 

Ken combines his passion for foreign policy and international business to resolve complex political, economic, and operational challenges.  He has worked in Tokyo, Japan as a Business Development Manager to address Japan’s energy security needs.  He brought technological innovation hubs to Africa, among his numerous other noteworthy accomplishments.  Ken’s love of innovation and diversity stems from his Japanese American roots and multicultural background.

When Ken is not guiding organizations and individuals to succeed in foreign operating environments, he is an author who enjoys chronicling/composing, as well as raising two energetic boys. 

A Father’s Day Bookmark

I am near the Old City in Jerusalem, Israel after visiting Tel Aviv, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tiberias, Nazareth, and Bethlehem. As I read the history and learn more about Israel’s rich history and culture, I am struck at the diversity I see. The Carmelite Catholic nuns in El-Muhraqa,..

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Life and Marriage in Burkina Faso

Celebrating 10 years of marriage in October.  Two beautiful boys and plenty of Japanese and West African food later, what awaits us next? Diversity matters. Africa matters. Family matters. Faith matters. Diplomacy matters. We were honored to celebrate America by attending the Marine Ball in Ouagadougou,..

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Favorite Family Hotspring Spot in Japan

Another place besides the natural mud bath spa in St. Lucia we love to visit as a family is Arima onsen or hotspring in Kobe, Japan. The reception and welcome we received at Arima Grand Hotel was exceptional and the food was amazing too! Thank you.


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Who Says Diplomats Can’t Get Down and Dirty?

Fantastic family trip to St. Lucia. 2nd time around for me, first with the family. We all enjoyed the world’s best natural mud bath spa in Soufriere. Our skin felt great and the warm mud cleansed our souls. Thank you St. Lucia for the Pitons and the memories. We made it up to Pigeon Island and..

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Parent Trap: Do Diplomats Engage in this?

As a father of two kids I noticed my sons will engage one parent against the other to obtain concessions. We’ve all done this growing up. I know I have. You essentially ask one parent to buy you say Doritos and your father says “ask your mother.” Your mother says she will buy it if your father..

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Conversations With A Six Year Old

Conversations with a 6 year old looks at life from one six year old’s eyes – John Francis Reiman. The author is an intelligent, conscientious, and enthusiastic learner who addresses a series of questions on what is important in life and how to address challenges. John teaches us the meaning of..

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