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Ken Reiman is a  United States diplomat  experienced in guiding  Fortune 100 companies to expand and enter new markets across Asia, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.  He is a global foreign affairs leader with a proven track record in foreign policy formulation, implementation, lobbying, and strategic external engagement.  When significant contracts, collateral and resources are at stake, Ken has the international business acumen to achieve success in high-paced and high-stress operating environments. 

Ken combines his passion for foreign policy and international business to resolve complex political, economic, and operational challenges.  He has worked in Tokyo, Japan as a Business Development Manager to address Japan’s energy security needs.  He brought technological innovation hubs to Africa, among his numerous other noteworthy accomplishments.  Ken’s love of innovation and diversity stems from his Japanese American roots and multicultural background.

When Ken is not guiding organizations and individuals to succeed in foreign operating environments, he is an author who enjoys chronicling/composing, as well as raising two energetic boys. 


Grateful for another day. 感謝 or kansha means gratitude in Japanese. The first character 感 means “to feel” and the second 謝 means “to thank.” What are you most grateful for today?


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Bless You

God bless America. God bless Japan. God bless you!


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Keep Hiking

For the times you just want to get off that mountain. Keep moving forward. You’re on your way to great things! Believe in yourself! Believe in your journey. If you keep moving there will always be others God places to assist along the way. It may not always be obvious what path to take but no..

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What are you chasing after?

Chasing after power is like chasing after the wind. You’ll always end up empty handed. Chase after love. Love lasts beyond power, titles, fame, and fortune. So what do you love and who do you love? Chase after the relationships that matter. Ultimate success is luxury of time to do what you truly..

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Is Your Vision Straight?

What we do not can have a generational impact. What legacy do you leave behind? Make your days and years count!


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A Simple Life Is A Good Life

I used to think that leading a jet setting busy life was the key to success and happiness. I’ve since learned that the opposite is true. The simple things in life are often the best things in life.  The more things I have in my life, the more distractions and less gratitude. The less I have..

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Overcoming Fear

Fear is not always an indicator that something is wrong. It may be the strongest sign telling us what we have to do.


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Conquer One Monkey Bar at a Time Says My Son

This is how you move your #butt! Early and often and with #purpose. If a 4 year old can pick himself up after falling 5 times, we can get up and conquer the #monkeybars in our #life.


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Peace Bug

Kids love riding in a VW Peacebug. Thumbs up to peace, love, and tolerance. Who wants to ride with us? From our family to yours, peace be with you!



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Run Your Own Race

It’s not your job to tell yourself no. It’s not your job to reject yourself or grade yourself or debate the value or worthiness of your ideas. Your job is to create. Your job is to share. Your job is to overcome fear and run the race. Yes, if you build something people might judge it or dislike..

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