Childrens’ Books

The Penguin Who Loved Adventures is a bilingual English and Japanese children’s book that I wrote when I was a 3rd grader attending Broadmore Elementary School in Tempe, Arizona in 1987.  I had received the Best of Category: Tempe District #3 Writing Contest in 1987. Students from my 3rd grade class were all asked to create a picture book and nominate one winning picture book per class. They selected my book as the overall contest best winner. 23 years later, my mother came to me with the idea of translating this book into Japanese. I agreed. Originally published in English, it was translated into Japanese with the aim that Japanese parents, teachers, and educators will use this as their first bilingual children’s book edition for Japanese students to learn English. We decided to expand this as a bilingual tool targeting multiple languages. We hope you will enjoy this mother-son efforteo.

Conversations with a 6 year old looks at life from one six year old’s eyes – John Francis Reiman. The author is an intelligent, conscientious, and enthusiastic learner who addresses a series of questions on what is important in life and how to address challenges. John teaches us the meaning of life and joy of living in an easy to follow way. His answers are his own. The book in interview format is a dialogue. He is the creator of his own story. He wanted to publish his book to help others and encourage more six year olds and parents to better understand each other.