What are you chasing after?

Chasing after power is like chasing after the wind. You’ll always end up empty handed. Chase after love. Love lasts beyond power, titles, fame, and fortune. So what do you love and who do you love? Chase after the relationships that matter. Ultimate success is luxury of time to do what you truly want to do and live with who you truly want to live.


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Run Your Own Race

It’s not your job to tell yourself no. It’s not your job to reject yourself or grade yourself or debate the value or worthiness of your ideas. Your job is to create. Your job is to share. Your job is to overcome fear and run the race. Yes, if you build something people might judge it or dislike it. But if you don’t create and share the things that you have inside of you, then you’ll commit the far worse crime of rejecting yourself. You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you.

– James Clear


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Laziness and Life

Throw away laziness like seeds from a summer watermelon, you don’t need it!



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Quote of the Day

Today’s loss leads to tomorrow’s gain!

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