Keeping An Open Heart

We often speak of keeping an open mind. This too is important. But the mind alone is never enough to be fully alive, to be fully human, to be fully inspired. Do what your heart tells you and you’ll be overwhelmed with what comes back.


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Overcoming Fear

Fear is not always an indicator that something is wrong. It may be the strongest sign telling us what we have to do.


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Run Your Own Race

It’s not your job to tell yourself no. It’s not your job to reject yourself or grade yourself or debate the value or worthiness of your ideas. Your job is to create. Your job is to share. Your job is to overcome fear and run the race. Yes, if you build something people might judge it or dislike it. But if you don’t create and share the things that you have inside of you, then you’ll commit the far worse crime of rejecting yourself. You can either be judged because you created something or ignored because you left your greatness inside of you.

– James Clear


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Your Dreams Matter

Don’t spend your life chasing someone else’s dreams. Go after yours!

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Ease vs. Hardship? Which Leads to Greater Happiness?

It is natural for people to want to lead a life of comfort and ease. Most people do not seek out hardship for hardship’s sake. Hardship is difficult and often painful. However, it leads to growth. No hardship, no growth. No growth, no fruit. A successful life, therefore, is not a life without hardship. It is one with hardship. Success dies with the person. The fruit you bear, however, lasts even after you’re gone. Now that’s the kind of legacy worth leaving, a generational one. Each of us decides our own legacy. Don’t wait to make yours.



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Laziness and Life

Throw away laziness like seeds from a summer watermelon, you don’t need it!



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Quote of the Day

Today’s loss leads to tomorrow’s gain!

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