Family and Friends: Faith and Gratitude

We often say happy holidays. The word “holiday” implies a vacation. In fact, we are not celebrating time off, but holy days for many people. Why do we not simply say happy holy days? Commercialization has replaced the true meaning of the holy days of Christmas and Hanukkah. The gift of a God has been replaced by the gift of goods. Happiness is fleeting. The flesh constantly wants more to be happy. If I buy more or indulge more in pleasure I will be happy. Happiness is therefore contingent upon fueling and refueling fleshly desires. Holiness, however, is not about satisfying the flesh but about satisfying our spirit. The spirit that leads to greater peace and love. We can find no true comfort nor rest without it. May we fuel our spirits through prayer and acts of charity this holy season, remember our friends and family, but also those less fortunate than us. Have faith in the coming year and say thanks for all the countless blessings and miracles you and I have enjoyed this year.

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EBook/Kindle Version Out!

Happy to announce the Kindle version of my memoir Love Both Keep Both came out on Black Friday 11/29/2019 via Amazon for those of you who requested an eBook version. The book is available for purchase here.

Thanks to Indigo River Publishing and everyone who was involved in this project. Thankful to all my supports, friends, and family. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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